Who knew that one of the most influential directors of the past several decades was born in Montana?

We love talking about movies in Montana. We love seeing the films in theaters, in our homes, or on our phone screens. Some folks love comedies, horror, or action films, but we all love movies in any form.

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We discussed who was the best actor or actress from Montana, and that was a tough competition. Several prolific Hollywood stars, including Dana Carvey, Gary Cooper, and Michelle Williams, were born in Montana.

That had us thinking, what about directors? Have any big-time directors been born in Montana? We found a few, but one especially caught our eye.

One of the most influential directors of the past several decades was born in Missoula and went on to make incredibly original films. That director is David Lynch.

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If you don't recognize the name, I wouldn't blame you. David Lynch isn't well known to the general public, but he has directed some of the wildest films over the past fifty years.

David Lynch's filmography includes the critically acclaimed films Mulholland Drive, The Elephant Man, and Eraserhead. Lynch is also the writer and creator of the much-beloved TV series Twin Peaks.

David Lynch is known for his surreal films and out-of-the-box thinking. These films aren't for everyone, but some will watch anything David Lynch creates. The guy has been nominated multiple times for Best Director at the Academy Awards, so he knows what he is doing.

For those who aren't interested in David Lynch, don't worry. Montana has another director you might know. That director is Brad Bird.

91st Oscars - Oscar Week: Animated Features
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Brad Bird's work includes the animated classics The Iron Giant, The Incredibles Franchise, and Ratatouille. He also helped revive the Mission Impossible franchise with Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

That's right, Brad Bird has made some of the most beloved animated films of the past twenty years. He also voices the iconic Edna Mode in The Incredibles.

If you have someone who wants to make films but might get discouraged because they live in Montana, tell them some of the best directors of the past several decades were born here in Montana.

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