If you don't want to smoke, you should check out one of these fantastic products.

The marijuana industry is booming in Montana. The counties that approved recreational marijuana have seen massive business over the past two years.

Many dispensaries have multiple locations in cities and towns across Montana to help spread their products to citizens and tourists who might need something to relax.

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Most people think folks all buy prerolled joints or buds to enjoy marijuana. With that comes the smell, smoke, and irritation that some people don't particularly enjoy.

Photo by Wesley Gibbs via Unsplash
Photo by Wesley Gibbs via Unsplash

If you are someone who wants to try marijuana but wants to avoid smoking, that's what edibles are for.

You can enjoy gummies, chocolate, snacks, or even beverages. These products are infused with THC to give you the effects. It's a delicious way to vibe out or help fall asleep.

Montana might not have the largest selection of edibles compared to states like Colorado, Washington, or California, but we are making progress.

Photo by Elisa Olofsson via Unsplash
Photo by Elisa Olofsson via Unsplash

A few companies have put in the effort to create several fantastic products found in dispensaries across Big Sky Country.

Why don't dispensaries make edibles themselves? They can, but there are a lot of legal things that can make it difficult. If dispensaries don't have the capabilities, they can outsource their edible products.

Are you wondering which edibles to try? We might have an idea.

We put together a list of five edible companies in Montana that could pique your interest and help you ease into trying recreational marijuana.

Here are Five Marijuana Edible Companies To Check Out.

5 Montana Marijuana Edible Companies To Check Out

Whether you like gummies, drinks, or chocolate, you have options.

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