If there is one thing that could bring Montanans together to bet on something, it would be this.

Gambling is everywhere these days. You can't watch TV or videos on your phone and not see ads for sports gambling sites like Draft Kings or FanDuel. Sports betting has become a norm among most Americans.

Montanans can't access sites like Draft Kings or Fan Duel, but Montana has its own sports betting set up for folks.

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Sports Bet Montana has machines set up in bars across Big Sky Country, and locals can bet on any sport. Folks can bet on scores, player statistics, and more.

Seth Love/Getty Images
Seth Love/Getty Images

Gambling is so prevalent in Montana we rank #3 for sports betting. The amount of money the state has seen since legalizing sports gambling is wild.

One cool thing about sports betting is you can bet on anything. You can bet on how many penalty flags are thrown, if someone gets tossed out of the game, or if someone will streak.

That got us thinking about what Montanans could bet on.

Photo of an Baseball ball, glove and money on wooden table. Studio shot
wojciechz/Getty Images

What if Montanans could bet on one of the main issues we see every summer? What if locals could bet on tourists doing their dumb stunts in Yellowstone?

If you don't know, tourists tend to put themselves in situations with wildlife every summer, and Montanans are over it. You can't go a week without someone getting body-checked by a bison or kicked by a deer.

Photo by Yannick Menard via Unsplash
Photo by Yannick Menard via Unsplash

Could you imagine if Montanans bet on the over/under of how many tourist accidents we have in summer or betting on days where an incident could happen? We feel like many locals would easily bet on this.

It might seem a little mean, but Montanans are over with tourists treating Yellowstone National Park like a petting zoo.

We might as well make a little money to ease our frustrations.

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