There are a lot of old buildings in Montana, but this one has a wild history.

Montana has some old and unique buildings.

A building can tell people what could be happening in the inside. It could be a restaurant, hotel, or store.

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There are old ghost towns like Bannack and Virginia City. Then there are brick structures that have stood the test of time in Butte and Bozeman. Plus, St. Mary's Mission in Stevensville helped establish the first town in Montana.

There are old structures across Montana. Some have stood the test of time, but a few are in disarray.

If you want to understand what living in Montana was like during the mid-1800s, there are a few places to enjoy.

Gallatin History Museum
Gallatin History Museum

What if you are looking for a piece of Montana history? Where would be the oldest building in Montana?

We could have an answer.

Housely published a list of the Oldest Man-Made Landmarks in Every State, and Montana's is from the Frontier Days.

The oldest man-made landmark in Montana is the Fort Connah Site in Charlo.

This landmark was built in 1846 and was one of Hudson's Bay Company's last trading posts in America. This location was a pivotal spot for traders, settlers, and Native Americans to do business with each other.

Photo by Kevin Butz via Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Butz via Unsplash

The site has fallen into disarray, but a restoration society is trying to bring the area back to its former glory.

If the restoration society can breathe new life into this site, we could see a new attraction for tourists and families.

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