This video shows how much of a beloved figure he was on and off the football field.

Who doesn't love watching the NFL? Folks get together at homes or bars to watch their favorite teams win during the fall and winter. Each team has its share of legends or standouts people adore and love.

Tom Brady is formerly one of the best players in the National Football League. The man has multiple Super Bowl wins, MVPs, and records from his time with the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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If you are new to Montana, Tom Brady spent substantial time in Big Sky during the offseason. He would go biking, hiking, and skiing. He would bring out some of his teammates for workouts or vacations, and his family loved the area.

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A former teammate of Tom's accidentally ran into him on the ski slopes here in Montana, and it almost turned into an altercation. Still, the story ends up being very wholesome.

NFL legend Drew Bledsoe played for the New England Patriots for a decade before Tom Brady took over his job in 2001 when Drew was injured.

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Drew somehow ran into Tom and his former wife, Giselle, on the ski slopes one day in Montana. Drew tried to prank Tom, but it didn't go as planned.

What ended up happening was a beautiful story about how much Drew Bledsoe means to Tom's family. Check out the clip below.

@heykayadams This Drew Bledsoe-Tom Brady-Gisele skiing story did not end how we thought it would 👀😅⛷️🔊 #tombrady #giselebundchen #skiing #drewbledsoe #montana ♬ original sound - heykayadams

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Drew Bledsoe has been known as a stand-up and fantastic teammate but is known as a good human being. The fans love Drew for giving his all and always being there for anything.

Maybe we will see Drew and Tom on the slopes in Montana again one day.

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