You will soon have a fast and convenient way to get some of the tastiest food from a restaurant chain.

Montanans have access to all types of food chains daily. There are fast food chains like McDonald's and Wendy's and more casual spots like Panda Express and Jersey Mike's.

Photo by Brett Jordan via Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan via Unsplash

Whatever you are hungry for, there is a place to fill that need.

These chains make getting food easier for an affordable price.

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If there is one restaurant chain that most people enjoy more than others, it has to be Chipotle.

Chipotle Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings, Boosted By Same Store Sales Rising Over 10 Percent
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Chipotle is massive among millennials and young folks with its healthy options and delicious food. Plus, you cannot deny their queso and chips are fantastic.

Bozeman has one Chipotle location on the corner of 19th Avenue and Main Street. The only problem people have with this location is the parking lot. This spot shares the parking space with Panda Express, CVS, and Sleep Number, and there never seem to be enough spots for cars.

If you are tired of waiting to find a parking spot for Chipotle, we have some good news for you.

Chipotle Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings, Boosted By Same Store Sales Rising Over 10 Percent
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

KBZK reports that Chipotle will build a new location in Bozeman. This new Chipotle will feature their new concept called Chipotlane.

This new Chipotle will be something completely different from the other locations. This spot will be for folks who order food on the app and pick it up at the restaurant. There will be no dine-in features or walking-in to get food, simple grab-and-go.

Where will this new Chipotle be? It will be in the Northwest Crossing Development near Gallatin High. The location will be on the corner of Oak Street and Cottonwood Road.

New York City Sues Chipotle For $150 Million Over Workweek Law Violations
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That's a genius spot. That area has hundreds of houses nearby, and Gallatin High students will have a fast and easy option to grab lunch across the street. It will make solid money.

Chipotle hopes to have this new location up and running by the Summer of 2025.

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