As our Bobcats are finally in the air and off to Texas after a mechanical issue, you may be wondering when they will be landing. It's easy, click HERE and you can watch their entire flight and see where they are and when they land safely!

I have used this site to track many flights when picking up friends and family from airports, especially after last minute delays. It's handy AND accurate.

Our boys are on their way to make their first appearance at a National Championship Game since 1984. I have never seen a town more proud and supportive of a team, than the town of Bozeman. It's not just Bozeman, the surrounding towns are so incredibly supportive as well, the Bobcats are insanely blessed to have fans like the ones they do.

Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash
Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

There are different ways to show support while our Bobcats are on the road. You can head to the MSU bookstore and purchase some awesome swag  and wear it proudly on Saturday.

You can fill your social media with Bobcat support. Pics of you with friends, family, and coworkers all cheering on our Montana State University Bobcats.

Have the kiddo's paint their faces in blue and gold and tag the @Bobcats in the photo. Either way, I know this town will be filled with loud cheering and proud fans come Saturday. Which is, in reality, no different than any other time ANY team from Montana State University is playing.

Let's check on our Cats as they fly to Texas and cheer them on from their hometown. Us Cats are loud, lets make sure they can hear us!

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