If you found it difficult to wake up and start your daily routine this morning, you're not alone.  Many Montanans might need an extra cup of caffeine to kickstart their day after the big game last night.

It's been estimated that more than half of the United States turned in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in what will surely be remembered as a classic. The game had a little bit of everything and certainly lived up to all of the hype.

It was a Championship game of firsts on many fronts.  The first time two brothers played on opposing teams, the first time two African American quarterbacks faced each other, the first-ever all-female flyover, and apparently, the first time the half-time performer was "large with child".

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For years people are gone back and forth about whether or not the Monday after the NFL Championship game should be a "National Holiday". We know that it's the most viewed televised event of the year, and depending on where you're located, can certainly be a long night.

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Luckily, here in Montana, the game kicked off at 4:30 and was all said and done by 9 pm, but folks get together and eat and drink and celebrate for hours, PLUS, the day after the game is always the day that more people call in sick than any other day of the year.

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Every year a petition or two will go around to try and get our Government to make the day after the game a Holiday.  I don't know about you, but I'm all for it.  I mean, we have all kinds of Holidays that a lot of us could care less about, so why not have one that most of us can all get behind?

For those of you looking to give power to the people, you can put pen to paper or in this case go online to change.org and sign the current petition.

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