While millions of people around the world will tune into this Sunday's Showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Philadelphia Eagles, all of the talking heads have been making predictions for the last couple of weeks.

As of today, the Eagles are favored to win the game, but what does our Montana football prediction expert have to say?

Pabu, the red panda at Zoo Montana has made his prediction, which you can see in the video below. So what's the story behind this charming red panda? Let's give you a little backstory on Pabu.  The adorable little fella is known as the "The Price of Pounce" and was born back in 2020 at the Oregon Zoo.

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A year later, he arrived at Zoo Montana with his mother, and Pabu has become quite the local celebrity.

Animals picking the outcome of big games certainly isn't anything new, as it happens all over the country each year. Plus, when you think about it, millions of people tune each Febuary 2nd to see whether a groundhog notices his shadow or not, so it's not all that strange that we're letting a fury friend pick the outcome of the biggest game of the year.

Game day football party table with beer, chips and salsa.

In the end, it's all in fun as people will be getting together to celebrate with fantastic food and creative commercials. It really has become an American holiday, and I for one think we should get the following day off.

Plus, there is always the Halftime show.

As a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, I will be cheering loudly for my hometown team this Sunday, no matter what the experts or cute little critters have to say.

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