So you decided that you were finally going to make the leap and move to Montana?

Well, first let me say congratulations and welcome.  Montana is no doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world.  From the postcard scenery to the real feel of the old West, they don't call it the last best place for nothing.

Here in Montana, you will find something for everyone.  We have fine dining, world-class art, theatre, live music, and high-end stores.  Or if you're looking for a more simple life, we have dozens of rodeos, countless small-town bars, and more outdoor adventures than you can possibly imagine.

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Yes, living in Montana is definitely special, but if you're new, there are a few things that you need to know.  Consider this not only a heads-up but just a nice little welcome package to make sure that your Montana transition is as smooth as possible.

#5 Learn To Love Winter

It snows here, a lot.  So if you're coming for someplace that sees snow a few times a year, don't assume that you can "handle" a Montana winter.  Winters here can be and are often harsh, sometimes lasting up to 8 months.  That's right, winter can be more than half a year long in Montana.

Snow covered trees, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

#4 Learn To Drive In Winter

If it seems like we're putting a lot of emphasis on winter, well, it's because it's a big deal here.  If you are not used to driving in wintery conditions, getting yourself a Subaru isn't going to solve all of your problems. The roads and passes get very rough here and if you don't know what you're doing, can become deadly. Driving in the winter is a serious business.

Lubo Ivanko
Lubo Ivanko

#3 No Matter What They Say, People Don't Care Where You Came From

I get it, most people are proud of where they came from and that's totally understandable, however, you live in Montana now, and frankly, most Montanans don't care to hear about it. Here is a rule to remember, when in Montana, act like a Montanan.

Not talking about something or censored concept

#2 You're Either A Bobcat Or A Griz And Those Are Your Choices

Football is a big deal here in Montana, and nothing is bigger than the Brawl of the Wild.  One of the oldest rivalries West of the Mississippi, Montanans take great pride in their allegiance to their team, as well as their disgust for the other. Saturdays in the fall here in Montana are all about who and where the Cats and Griz are playing.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

#1 Do NOT Try And Change Things

I cannot express this enough. If you want to end up on the hater's radar, the quickest way to get there is to question or suggest something that Montana "needs".  Locals do not take kindly to such things and will let you know usually with a response of "Go back where you came from" even if what you're suggesting is legitimate.

You see, over the last several years lots of folks have moved to Montana and well, many say the state has not only lost some of its charm, but its identity as well. So, the best thing you can do is keep those types of suggestions to yourself, at least until you know how the people around you will act.


Of course, there are others that can be added to the list, but if you stick to the 5 above, you will find that your transition will be much easier, as will making new friends.

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