This move could only further the popularity of this show and keep folks flooding Montana in the coming years.

Unless you've been living under a rock, there is a massive strike of writers and actors in Hollywood. The strike is about how writers and actors are compensated in the new age of streaming services, and it's been getting ugly. Both sides have no signs of giving in, and television networks have to get creative with programming.

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Because actors and writers aren't working, there won't be new seasons of TV shows coming out anytime soon. Popular shows like HBO's The Last of Us and Netflix's Wednesday have announced their shows will be delayed for a few years.

SAG-AFTRA Actors Union Strike Continues In New York
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So what are networks going to do? They've decided to broadcast shows that have been extremely popular over the past few years.

Deadline reports that CBS, the parent company of Paramount+, has gained rights to broadcast the popular Montana set show Yellowstone this upcoming fall.

Yellowstone via Facebook
Yellowstone via Facebook

Yellowstone grew in popularity during the COVID-19 shutdown, and people fell in love with the characters and setting of the show. Montana became a massive tourist destination for folks who wanted to experience the same things as people on the show.

We have all encountered visitors who wanted to get the Yellowstone experience and meet folks like the Duttons.

Phillip Faraone, Getty Images

With networks scrambling to find programming that fits and will excite their viewers, it's not surprising that CBS chose Yellowstone. The show will end after the upcoming fifth season, and having an option on a local channel like CBS for folks to catch up is a smart move.

Plus, this will only help Montana entice tourists to visit our state.

Yellowstone is set to premiere on CBS on Sundays.

For more details, check out Deadline.

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