The reasoning behind the most remote town in America makes sense and doesn't at the same time.

Montana can feel pretty remote sometimes.

Towns like Lincoln, Troy, and Broadus are at least thirty minutes from any other place in Montana. Most places like that have maybe one gas station and close around 8 PM.

People live in these places to avoid crowds, work in solitude, and enjoy some quiet.

There's nothing wrong with that.

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Many locals want to enjoy the landscape of Montana and be miles away from civilization and their neighbors. That's why many folks moved to Big Sky Country.

Photo by Nikhil Verma via Unsplash
Photo by Nikhil Verma via Unsplash

Could Montana be too remote? Maybe this place.

TikTok user True Story Docs believes the most remote town in the continental United States is a place in Northeast Montana.

That place would be Glasgow.

Photo by Samantha Watkins via Unsplash
Photo by Samantha Watkins via Unsplash

Glasgow is on the Hi-Line of Montana and has a population of just over 3,200. Glasgow has several small communities within driving distance, so why would it be the most remote?

Glasgow is over four hours away from any metropolitan area. When you think about it, that's correct. Montana only has a handful of cities with large populations. We know people who travel at least an hour to visit Bozeman for monthly shopping.

We feel many Montana towns could fit this description for being remote. Also, this goes to show how big Montana is as a state.

@truestorydocschannel This is the most remote town in all of United States. #geography #geotok #maps #didyouknow #glasgow #montana #fyp ♬ original sound - TrueStoryDocs

Credit: True Story Docs via TikTok

Texas might be larger, but the folks here are far away from city amenities like box stores, upscale restaurants, and airports. That's what makes these Montana towns unique.

Many folks moved to Montana to get away from city living. If you want to know what living out in the middle of nowhere is like head to Glasgow.

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