One of Montana's best new barbecue joints announced exciting changes that will make locals happy and hungry.

It doesn't matter if you prefer Texas, Kansas City, North Carolina, or Southern-style BBQ because it's a delicious cuisine many love to enjoy. Whether on a picnic table or in the comfort of your home, BBQ puts a smile on everyone's face.

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In Montana, we have several high-profile BBQ joints like Notorious PIG in Missoula, Piggyback in Whitefish, and Follow Yer' Nose in Emigrant that locals love. Montana might not have the most BBQ restaurants, but we have several fantastic spots that people love and enjoy.

Photo by Alexandru Bogdan Ghita via Unsplash
Photo by Alexandru Bogdan Ghita via Unsplash

One BBQ restaurant less than two years old has received high praise from locals for their hard work and dedication to their food, and they have some exciting news that will make locals very happy.

Back in early 2023, we told everyone in the Gallatin Valley about a new BBQ joint in Bozeman opening up called Yellowhouse BBQ. Yellowhouse BBQ dedicates itself to making authentic Texas-style barbecue. How? They have custom smokers to handle brisket and ribs, but the important part is they have wood imported from Texas to keep it legitimate.

Credit: Yellow House Barbecue via Instagram Yellowhouse BBQ has been a massive hit with locals who line up before doors open to get delicious food. The problem is that Yellowhouse has been limited to only being open on Saturdays due to other work obligations. Well, that is about to change. Yellowhouse BBQ will soon expand to be open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Not only that, but they plan on maybe moving to a nearby location to add seating.

Credit: Yellow House Barbecue via Instagram

This is fantastic news for anyone who has missed enjoying their delicious BBQ meats. Soon, you will have multiple days to enjoy the best Texas-style BBQ in Montana.

To learn more about what Yellowhouse will be serving and their new hours, check out Yellowhouse BBQ's website.

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