Well, you just don't get to see this every day, and usually, you don't get the encounter on video either.

Have you ever gone hiking in the backcountry and encountered wildlife? Most of us have and we keep our distance but sometimes they are curious creatures and will get close and that's when some hijinks can ensue.

I was scrolling through TikTok today and came across a wonderfully hilarious video of a couple in Glacier National Park on top of a mountain relaxing when a marmot comes over to them and tries to steal their walking stick. This marmot wasn't letting go easy either, the little guy really wanted the walking stick. Check out the video below.

@dan.petersunThought we weren’t looking huh ##marmot ##glaciernationalpark ##animal ##funnyvideo ##nature ##explore ##nationalpark ##cute ##fluffy ##travel ##alpine ##hike♬ original sound - dan.petersun

Credit: dan.petersun via TikTok

That is one determined marmot. This video was posted yesterday and has been viewed over 450,000 times by people and keeps going up. My favorite thing is some of the comments on the video. One person commented,

That is his mountain you need to pay the toll.

Marmots are funny little creatures and rarely get close to humans at all. Getting this on video is absolutely fantastic.

So if you are planning on going hiking anytime soon in Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, you might want to keep on eye your stuff because something might take a liking to your things.

Could you imagine if it was a mountain goat or elk? They would put up a bigger fight for sure.

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