This one video gave us all the hope that future generations will be more intelligent than what we are dealing with now.

We've all had to deal with tourists who are clueless about Yellowstone National Park or Montana. We've seen folks come to Montana yearly and act like the rules don't apply to them.

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This is especially true in Yellowstone National Park.

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Yellowstone National Park has seen some idiotic stunts by tourists. These folks have done everything from trying to pet the wildlife to walking on the Grand Prismatic Spring to looking into Old Faithful. We have seen it all.

The park rangers and locals do their best to educate visitors, but it seems it will never end. Then, all of a sudden, a video might have changed our minds.

Photo by Judy Beth Morris via Unsplash
Photo by Judy Beth Morris via Unsplash

An incredible video from a TikTok user named Jenna Baloo shows how her children reacted to seeing massive bison on the pathway around Yellowstone. Check out the video.

@jenna_baloo End the generation of #tourons #yellowstonenationalpark ♬ original sound - Jenna Baloo

Credit: jenna_baloo via TikTok

This child is wise beyond his years. Not only does he know they need to keep their distance from bison and let them pass. He also knows the folks that try to get closer to these hulking creatures are stupid.

This kid deserves all the high-fives and ice cream in the world. Also, the parents deserve handshakes for educating their kids on why people shouldn't approach these animals and respect their space.

Photo by Jonathan Mast via Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Mast via Unsplash

We wish all the people who visit Yellowstone National Park were this respectful and careful while enjoying the area. Why can't more adults be like this kid? It's astonishing.

Congrats on being a responsible parent and teaching your kid the right way to enjoy Yellowstone National Park. You made many Montanans happy.

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