This analysis might be one of the most realistic things we've ever heard about Montanans.

Video games are a massive part of today's culture. Kids and adults blow off steam or play with friends on different types of games. You could be in a fantasy world, space, or a more realistic war setting, but having fun is what most people strive for.

Montana is no stranger to video games. A few popular games had Montana as their setting. Games like Far Cry 5 and Forbidden West: Horizon displayed the beauty of Big Sky Country and had players explore different areas.

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Fantasy games are among the most popular in the world. In these games, you can be whoever you want and build your character with different armor, attributes, and more.

Photo by Sean Stone via Unsplash
Photo by Sean Stone via Unsplash

Someone on TikTok asked what attributes or stats would you have depending on your state, and one man in Montana answered. Here's the video.

@magicshane #stitch with @Grumpygimli Basically, we’re all rangers and our favored enemies are Californians. #montana #dnd #fantasy #rpg #fypシ ♬ original sound - Shane Cox

Credit: Shane Cox via TikTok

Shane Cox said Montanans would have several key benefits ranging from resistance to cold and animal handling. That's the honest reality.

One fascinating part was when Shane went on to talk about how certain Montana cities would have added attributes. He mentions that Butte residents would be resistant to poison.

Photo by via Unsplash
Photo by via Unsplash

That got us thinking about other Montana cities.

What would other cities' added attributes be? We have an idea.

  • Bozeman- added attribute would be endurance with the hiking.
  • Kalispell, Bigfork, and Polson- would have increased swimming or fishing capabilities.
  • Missoula- added confidence.
  • Billings- resistance to poison.
  • Big Sky- extra resources.

Those are just a few that we came up with. What other attributes or stats could we add for Montana cities we didn't mention?

Let us know on the app.

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