Some might consider it a Bozeman secret, but it's a fantastic place to watch a movie at an affordable cost.

Who doesn't love going to the movies? Nothing feels better than grabbing a drink, candy, and a big bucket of popcorn before heading into the theater. It doesn't matter if you prefer horror, comedies, or other genres of movies because we all go to the theater to escape.

2024 has been a stellar year at the movie theater with films like Dune 2, Kung Fu Panda 4, and more. The excitement of high-quality pictures is back, and people are looking forward to several massive films still to come this summer and fall.

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Here in the Bozeman area, we have one movie theater. Regal Cinemas has gone to decent lengths to make the movie experience better for customers. You can pick your seats, offer discounts, and have collectible popcorn buckets to buy for your favorite new film.

Some folks would love to have another movie theater in Bozeman. Most folks think the closest movie theater outside of Bozeman is in Livingston.

Photo by Augusto Oazi via Unsplash
Photo by Augusto Oazi via Unsplash

Empire Twin Theaters is a fantastic spot to watch a movie in a classic theater, but you would be wrong.

Bozeman has a hidden movie theater that not many residents even know about.

Where Is Bozeman's Hidden Movie Theater?

Photo by Geoffrey Moffen via Unsplash
Photo by Geoffrey Moffen via Unsplash

Bozeman's hidden movie theater is on the Montana State campus.

In the Student Union Building on campus, you will find a place called the Procrastinator Theater.

This theater is only open on the weekends but won't cost you an arm and a leg to see a movie. It's $2 for students and $4 for community members.

Photo by Felix Mooneeram via Unsplash
Photo by Felix Mooneeram via Unsplash

This movie theater might not show current releases, but films you might have missed in theaters. They are currently showing Killers of the Flower Moon and will soon show Wonka in a few weeks.

If there is a movie you missed out on in theaters, the Procrastinator Theater is the perfect place to catch up and see these films in person.

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