This business was enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and we still miss it to this day. 

Several Bozeman businesses have closed down due to staffing issues and the ramifications of COVID-19 over the past couple years. The business we're talking about has been closed for a while, but its absence is still felt by many locals today. 

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Montana Indoor Sports out in Four Corners was a space where kids, teenagers, adults, and families could have a lot of fun. The massive building had an indoor playground, batting cages, soccer/lacrosse field, and a full-length basketball court. Montana Indoor Sports filled a need for many sports-oriented people during the year, and especially during the winter months. 

Montana Indoor Sports via Facebook
Montana Indoor Sports via Facebook

Montana Indoor Sports held constant volleyball and soccer leagues for kids and adults. Their batting cages were an asset during the winters here in Bozeman for baseball and softball players. Everybody loved Montana Indoor Sports, and they had the perfect location between Bozeman and Belgrade. 

Montana Indoor Sports sadly closed in the early spring of 2021 after they were unable to catch up with the losses stemmed from the COVID-19 shutdown. Their type of business was greatly impacted by the pandemic shut-down, especially because they were a newer business. 

Montana Indoor Sports has now been replaced by a flooring company. Several folks in the Gallatin Valley wonder when another person will take a chance and open something like this again in the Bozeman area. There certainly seems to be a need for it.

Now the only indoor batting cages are located at Play It Again Sports, and there are random volleyball and indoor soccer leagues, but they don't stack up to what they had at Montana Indoor Sports. 

We still miss you. 

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