We all like to spruce up our wardrobe every once in a while, but we don't have a ton of clothing store options.

Bozeman has a few options for nice clothes, including RevolvrApricot Lane, and Evrgreen. I frequent Target because they have a line of fun button-down shirts. But in terms of budget-friendly style, our choices are limited to just a few stores.

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There are two clothing stores that I think would be huge hits if they came to Bozeman.

The first store is H&M. If you don't know, H&M is a clothing store that is quite affordable and stylish, catered mainly to young adults. Their clothes range from casual to formal, for a wide variety of occasions. The college population is consistently growing, and this is H&M's demographic. 

Quarterly Sales For Swedish Retail Giant H&M Jump 17 Percent
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The other store the Bozeman area needs is a Men's Wearhouse. Bozeman is slim when it comes to places to get full suits or tailored clothes for men. Men's Wearhouse would fill a big demand in the Bozeman area. Plus, there are a lot of weddings year-round near Bozeman, and if you need something fixed or last minute, Men's Wearhouse would be perfect. 

Men's Wearhouse via Facebook
Men's Wearhouse via Facebook

These two stores would fill a need for a large population of the Bozeman area, and the Gallatin Valley Mall would be a great location for both stores. The Gallatin Valley Mall has been gaining attention over the past couple of years with new additions like Whole Foods. Adding two stores like this would be another home run for them. 

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