Sometimes, the best places to visit or explore are odd spots you can't find anywhere else in America.

Most folks love visiting the most basic touristy spots in Montana. National parks, state parks, museums, lakes, and other well-known areas are always jam-packed with visitors. That makes sense for families or people who are normal.

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What if you want to experience something weird or a place you can't find anywhere else in America? For those people wondering, Montana has you covered.

Espresso made a list of the Oddest Places in Every State, and Montana's is an Old West icon.

Montana is familiar with old west towns. We have places like Virginia City and Bannack that people love visiting and exploring, but which old west town in Montana is the oddest?

Espresso says the oddest place in Montana is the Garnet Ghost Town. The Garnet Ghost Town is Montana's most well-preserved ghost town. The town at one point had over 1,000 residents before 1900. Many of the structures still stand and have become a paranormal attraction.

Garnet Ghost Town via Facebook
Garnet Ghost Town via Facebook

Garnet has also played host to movie productions and has some incredible activities to enjoy nearby. The Garnet Ghost Town is often overlooked when it comes to ghost towns in Montana.

But is the Garnet Ghost Town the oddest place in Montana? Maybe.

There are some odd spots in Montana. We would also include places like the Garden of 1000 Buddhas in Arlee or Ringing Rocks near Whitehall. If you are looking for weird or odd spots in Montana, you will probably find something anywhere you go.

Ewarm Garden of One Thousand Buddhas via Facebook
Ewarm Garden of One Thousand Buddhas via Facebook

We haven't even mentioned the underground tunnels and cities in Havre and Butte.

If you want more details on the oddest place in Montana, check out Espresso.

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