You don't want to ruin your Montana vacation by getting screwed out of money or a place to stay.

It's about that time when tourists come near and far to Montana to enjoy what we experience daily. It doesn't matter if they are checking out our parks and lakes, or going hiking, people love coming to Big Sky Country during the summer.

Some folks will stay in hotels, RVs, tents, or trailers, but others like to book vacation rentals instead.

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Vacation rentals can be fantastic for large groups or families. These houses or areas can handle more folks, be closer to attractions, and sometimes be more affordable.

Photo by Adam Winger via Unsplash
Photo by Adam Winger via Unsplash

Here's the thing, vacation rentals are becoming the new scam.

If you book a vacation rental on apps like VRBO or Airbnb, you should look for a few things to help keep you and your money safe from being scammed.

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The Points Guy came up with some helpful tips and here are a few to keep on your mind.

  1. Host offers you a discount to book on another site.
  2. The host requires a wire transfer through another site or service to book your rental.
  3. If the vacation rental has no reviews, avoid them at all costs.
  4. Check the photos in case someone is trying to use artificial intelligence.
  5. Contact the owner before booking your stay.

Vacation rentals are a massive business for many folks looking to make extra cash during the summer, but some try to take advantage of hopeful travelers.

Photo by Karsten Winegart via Unsplash
Photo by Karsten Winegart via Unsplash

It's good to remember some of these tips when booking a stay because no one wants to lose out on money and damper your Montana vacation.

Stay safe and have fun when visiting Big Sky Country.

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