Just imagine having $10,000 and thinking about all the possibilities that money could do for you.

If you don't know, our $10,000 Cash Codes starts on Monday, April 5th and we asked the Gallatin Valley what they would do if they win the grand prize and let's just say our listeners didn't disappoint.

So for the majority of everyone had pretty reasonable answers for what they would do for the $10,000.

Sierra said on Facebook she would, "Pay off her car and travel!" Which is a great answer.

Neil on our 96.7 KISS FM app said, "I want to redo my whole backyard! Add a fire pit, new BBQ and maybe if I have any left over a hot tub." That is a fantastic answer and I would do exactly the same.

Another great response was from Brittany who wrote to us and said, "I would pay off my tuition. Debt free is the way to be."

Listen, even though these are all great plans if you win the $10,000, there is no wrong answer to be honest. We are so excited for you guys to possibly win the $10,000 because after that past year we have had due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

$10,000 can go a long way whether you want to use it for a fabulous trip, shopping spree, home improvement or pay off some debt. If you win that large sum of money, you do what makes you happy and have a great time.

For more details on how to win $10,000 starting Monday, check out the Win Cash page.

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