Let's be honest, the idea of winning money is pretty attractive.  Whether it be from a lottery, a raffle, or a radio station contest, winning someone else's money is always fun.

I'm not sure why, but I'm always surprised when folks give what many would consider "boring" answers.  What I mean by that is if you just won some huge multi-million dollar jackpot, you would think that you would make at least one or two crazy purchases right?  An Italian sports car? A personal aircraft? Some sort of exotic animal to keep in the backyard?

Not according to most Montanans.

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No, for most residents of the Treasure State.  We asked every day Montanans what they would do if they won free money and it seems that they would take that free money and spend it on more "practical things".  So what would most Montanans do with their winnings?  It seems it comes down to a few options.

Use The Money For A Downpayment On A Home

I certainly understand this one, I mean houses are expensive in Montana and a big downpayment can go a long way in the affordability of a home. Plus, for most folks buying a home is their biggest investment, so the idea of using that free money to help out makes a whole lot of sense.

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

Use The Money To Pay Off Bills

Here's another practical answer that might not sound fun, but in the long run it's a pretty solid choice.  First off, it will improve credit scores and second, being all caught up means that you can do some of those fun things you'd like to do.  Most financial advisors would suggest this.


Use The Money For Savings For Kids And Grandkids

Finally, there is the whole "put it in savings" answer.  It's smart to make sure that you have money in savings, and an emergency fund is always a good idea, so I understand why folks would want to take their money and put it in savings.  Plus, with the cost of college and life in general, I understand the need to start saving for the kid's and grandkid's future as well.

Family saving money in piggy bank

There you have it.  The most frequent answers for what Montanans would do with free money. It seems that when it comes to common sense, Montanans have more than the average person.  Looks like the rest of the country could take a page out of our playbook.

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