There's nothing worse than going into a public restroom and finding a tiny, dirty bathroom. What's better? Walking into a bathroom that is worth raving about!  People weighed in on Facebook and called to let us know where the best bathrooms are in Gallatin Valley. Give us your thoughts of the list by emailing Here are the bathrooms that shine:

Bozeman Spirits and Distillery 

Several people chimed in on loving this bathroom and Rielley from Bozeman said it best by describing this bathroom as "hands down the bees knees."

Sacajawea Hotel and Bar

Elizabeth from Manhattan said "Sacajawea/VFW bar! On the woman side, they have very nice pictures of men hanging on the walls. 😉😂 My husband said same on the men’s side, just of women. Think he said Marilyn Monroe is one of the pictures. 😂 Very nice and clean."

The Garage 

They have a lot of mirrors in their bathroom. Even on the ceiling! Note: The Garage is currently under construction as it is being remodeled.


Shelly B. says "Plonk has an amazing women’s" bathroom.

Other nominees include, Open Range, Muse, the Bozeman airport and Murdoch's

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