This food truck is not only beloved here in Bozeman but is well known throughout Montana due to the food being top-notch.

Love Food came out with a list of the Top Food Truck in Your State and I am a huge fan of food trucks. We have so many great ones to choose from here in the Gallatin Valley and I half expected Love Food to choose a food truck somewhere in Missoula or Billings but they picked an iconic food truck here in Bozeman as the best and they deserve the title.

Love Food said the iconic El Rodeo food bus is the top food truck in the whole state of Montana and we have to agree with their pick. El Rodeo is located in the parking lot next to Dollar Tree and always has a crowd. Their tacos and burritos are delicious and the prices aren't high either. They are extremely reasonable. Love Food couldn't have picked a better food truck/bus for their list. El Rodeo is loved by all Gallatin Valley residents.

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

The thing is, El Rodeo does have some stiff competition here in the Gallatin Valley with food trucks. We actually have quite a few that are extremely popular with locals. There is Knuckle Truck, which serves incredible Cubanos, Philly cheesesteaks, and burgers. Then there is also Mo' Bowls, who is every resident's favorite downtown mac & cheese treat after partying.

We have so many great food trucks to choose from here in the Gallatin Valley but the thing we should appreciate the most is the different variety every single one brings to the table.

I'm definitely getting tacos tonight for dinner now though.

For more details, check out Love Food.

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