Getting a good night's rest is crucial as an adult. You need good rest to function at work, drive a vehicle, and not be grumpy. So how does Montana stack up to that? 

AS USA released a report on the Most Sleep-Deprived States, and Montana did land on the list, but not in the way you might think. Montana wasn't one of the most sleep-deprived states, but one of the least deprived when it comes to sleep. 

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Montana ranks 5th on the list for the least sleep-deprived, with just under 31% of adults getting less than seven hours of sleep. That's quite impressive for Montana. Sleeping without any distractions helps your mental health and makes you feel refreshed in the morning. 

How can you make sure you get better rest on a nightly basis? One of the best things you could do is limit your screen time on your phone at night. Another thing you could do is get blackout curtains. These curtains help your body keep thinking it's dark outside instead of waking you up when the sun comes up. 

Photo by No Revisions via Unsplash
Photo by No Revisions via Unsplash

Also, owning a quality mattress can make a difference as well. I had a regular spring mattress for several years until I made the switch to an actual quality mattress, and it changed my life. I have never slept so well in recent years and feel great in the morning. 

You could also factor that people in Montana probably get better sleep every night because it's quiet at night around the whole state. Maybe you will hear the occasional wildlife or car driving nearby, but it's never anything intense. 

For more details, check out MSN

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