If you are looking for great Italian food we would recommend not listening to this list and going to a few different spots instead.

Love Food came out with a list of the Best Italian Join in Every State and for Montana, they whiffed hard on their choice. According to Love Food, the best Italian restaurant in Montana is Ciao Mambo in Billings but here is the thing, there is also a location in Missoula and is essentially a chain restaurant.

Ciao Mambo is great Italian food but if you want the real deal there are a few spots that are not only in Bozeman but close by that are worth the trip.

For instance, Blacksmith Italian is fantastic Italian food and the atmosphere is small and intimate, providing a memorable experience. Blacksmith Italian in Bozeman is often forgotten about but the folks who have eaten food there know how great their food truly is.

Then there is Lucca's in Helena. Lucca's Italian Food in Helena has won awards for the best restaurant in Montana multiple times and their menu is incredible to look at. Just reading off some of their items will make your mouth water and maybe make plans to go to Helena to get some delicious Italian food.

Lucca's via Facebook
Lucca's via Facebook

These lists are always interesting to read and look at because they either nail it or whiff their choice and on this one, they picked the wrong one.

For more details, check out Love Food.

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