We all know Montana loves having a drink during the week, but these statistics are eye-opening.

Montana's alcohol business is massive. We have an excellent selection of breweries, distilleries, bars, and high-end cocktail spots that locals and visitors check out weekly. Montanans love unwinding after a long workday with a glass of wine or a cold beer to ease their mind and cool off.

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So we like to drink occasionally, what's wrong with that? Nothing, but according to these stats, we tend to have drinks more than most.

Photo by Fred Moon via Unsplash
Photo by Fred Moon via Unsplash

24/7 Wall Street made a list of the Drunkest States in America for 2023 and included the drunkest city. Let's say Montana ranked high.

Montana ranks #4 in the nation for drunkest states, and we have some staggering statistics.

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According to 24/7 Wall Street, Montana ranks the highest for alcohol-related driving deaths and one of the highest for adults drinking excessively. They even noted that the drunkest city in Montana is Missoula, where almost 27% of adults drink excessively.

We mentioned months ago how Missoula was ranked in the Top 10 in America for drunkest cities. Missoula has one of the highest percentages of bars and restaurants per capita. Wherever you go in Missoula, there is a place to drink.

Photo by Drew Farwell via Unsplash
Photo by Drew Farwell via Unsplash

One factor that these stats don't provide is winter can be a driving factor for people drinking. The winter months last long in Montana and can be depressing for many folks who aren't used to that weather. Drinking has become an outlet to deal with the snow and harsh temperatures.

The only states that outranked Montana were South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

For more details, check out 25/7 Wall Street.

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