When you think of drunk cities in Montana, this isn't the city I would have had on my radar.

Montanans love a good drink from time to time. Folks could be celebrating holidays, birthdays, or after a long day, locals like having a cold beverage. Some places are known for having a good time on occasion, and we even made a list of the Top 10 Drunkest Towns in Montana.

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That list was surprising to see what landed on the list. Bro Bible made a list of the Top 10 Drunkest Towns in America, and it was dominated by one state, but one Montana town made the list.

The list was made using data on automotive accidents that involved alcohol and how many bars and restaurants per capita.

Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev via Unsplash
Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev via Unsplash

The only Montana city on the list was Missoula at the #7 spot.

It's impressive to see Missoula on this list. The list also consists of seven Wisconsin towns and two cities in North Dakota.

Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash

Missoula is known as a party town with its downtown area filled with bars, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries everywhere you go. Places like the Missoula Club, The Rhino, James Bar, The Stockman, and more are packed with folks enjoying a beverage at all times of the day.

On our Top 10 Drunkest Towns in Montana, Hamilton landed at the #1 spot, while Missoula was #2. Its surprising towns like Butte, Billings, and Bozeman didn't end up on the Bro Bible list.

If you take anything from these stats, if you are going to visit Wisconsin, you better be prepared. It looks like those folks over there like to party.

For more details, check out Bro Bible.

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