With the Montana State Football program on the rise, it's time they added some new stuff to their home field.

If there is one thing folks are looking forward to in the fall, it's Bobcat Football. Locals and fans pack Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman every home game and show the athletes' support on every down. Bobcat home games are can't-miss events.

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Over the years, Bobcat Stadium has upgraded its area with new stands, athletic facilities, and concessions. One point of interest is the incredible video board in the south end zone. The board is a focal point that replays downs, display graphics, and plays the hilarious intros the Bobcat players made before the season.

That's why this news is exciting for the university and the fans. Montana State announced they will upgrade the video board in 2024 with new LED lights and expand the screen.

Montana State Football via Facebook
Montana State Football via Facebook

The new video board will have a whole new audio system to go with the screen. Bobcat fans have been clamoring for clearer audio to understand what is happening on the field.

These additions to Bobcat Stadium will make the video board the largest in the Big Sky Conference.

Montana State Football via Facebook
Montana State Football via Facebook

The past few years have been huge for the Montana State Football program. They have become a favorite to win the National Championship and have sold out every game the past few years. Not to mention, ESPN's College Gameday came for the first time to Montana for the Brawl of the Wild last year.

Montana State Football is in the national spotlight, and the university wants to make sure the facilities for athletes and fans are top-notch, and these upgrades are perfect.

For more details, check out Montana State.

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