This idea could be a fantastic idea to help encourage new folks to the area to try out a popular sport in Montana.

Winter might have finally come to an end here in Montana. Many ski areas have planned end-of-season events like pond skim or discount days. The powder hounds hope for more snow to postpone putting away their ski or snowboard gear.

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most popular activities in Montana, and it makes sense.

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We have long winters and have an excellent selection of local and resort-style ski hills. Some areas only cost $20 to ski for a day, and a few can cost up to $200. You can rent your whole kit from a local outdoor store or up on the hill if you don't have any gear.

One of the largest groups of skiers and snowboarders is college students.

Photo by Zachary Nelson via Unsplash
Photo by Zachary Nelson via Unsplash

These kids love grabbing their friends, getting into their rigs, and venturing to the mountains.

Montana colleges and universities have seen a significant uptick in out-of-state or international students. Some of them have never seen snow or have never thought about skiing or snowboarding.

Photo by John Price via Unsplash
Photo by John Price via Unsplash

Paying for lessons, renting gear, and finding people to go to a hill can be difficult if you are new to an area.

What if there is a solution?

Texas A&M has a ski hill on campus for students to learn and enjoy skiing or snowboarding during their off time. This synthetic course has been a massive hit with students and teachers.

Gabriel Chmielewski/Texas A&M University via Facebook
Gabriel Chmielewski/Texas A&M University via Facebook

Could you imagine if the University of Montana or Montana State University added a feature like this on campus or in the vicinity? The colleges in Montana could help educate and encourage folks to take up one of the best winter activities.

The schools could partner with their ski programs to help fundraise and promote their teams. It seems like a fantastic idea.

Do you think this would work in Montana? Let us know on the app.

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