This guy is lucky this incident didn't end badly for him because it could've been deadly.

New year, same problems.

The weather is warming up and tourists are starting to flood into national parks to explore, camp, and gain new memories they will treasure for a lifetime.

The only problem is that some tourists think they can do whatever they want when visiting a national park. These acts range from going off trail, destroying property, and the most common offense, getting close to wildlife.

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We have seen this happen consistently every year. Some people don't respect the laws of nature.

Photo by Donna Elliot via Unsplash
Photo by Donna Elliot via Unsplash

We have another case of a tourist thinking he's a cool guy, and he's fortunate that he didn't end up in the hospital or a body bag.

Tourons of National Parks Instagram page, an account showing what some tourists do in our national parks, captured a video of a man taking a picture next to a wild bison at the Antelope Island State Park in Utah. Check out the video.

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Credit: Tourons of National Parks via Instagram

As you can see in the video, this man is too close to the bison and then tries to scare the bison.

What he doesn't realize is his actions could have ended up with him in the hospital. That bison could have easily turned around and gored him or trampled him until he stopped moving.

Photo by Mana5280 via Unsplash
Photo by Mana5280 via Unsplash

We have seen this happen many times in Yellowstone National Park, and people still can't take a hint that you aren't supposed to get within 25 yards of bison, elk, or deer.

Why? They are fast, dangerous, and will cause bodily harm to you.

When will people learn?

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