Just another adorable day in Yellowstone and you got to love that mostly everyone was respecting the space of the wildlife.

About a week and a half ago there was a cute moment for many folks who were traveling in Yellowstone National Park when a baby bison decided that it was time to take a rest and a nap in the middle of the road halting traffic to a standstill. Don't worry though, the baby bison was protected by it's mom and a few of her friends. Here's the video.

This might be one of the cutest videos I have seen in a while. Now with Yellowstone National Park opening up we are sure to see more videos of bison halting traffic to either cross the road or travel alongside it.

The one problem I have with this video is the guy that gets out of his vehicle and moves close to the bison. If you don't know, Yellowstone National Park recommend you stay at least 25 yards away from wildlife like bison, elk and deer. The thing is though, if the bison is with their calf you might want to increase that distance because bison become very territorial and unpredictable and will protect their offspring at all costs. Other than that, I love that most of the people in the cars were respecting the bison and keeping their distance.

Just be careful when you go to Yellowstone National Park over the next few months and watch the wildlife from a distance but remember to have the best time ever.

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