Out of all the things you could have picked out, this is the best free attraction you could have chosen in Montana. We disagree.

People from all over come to Montana to check out all types of attractions and entertainment. We have national and state parks to enjoy, hot springs, and all-inclusive resorts that folks flock to yearly. These attractions all involve spending money, and some can be costly.

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What if you didn't have the money to spend on these attractions and wanted to do something for free that is as fun as anything else? We have some good news and bad news.

Photo by Joshua J Cotten via Unsplash
Photo by Joshua J Cotten via Unsplash

Casago made a very informative map of the Highest-Rated Free Attraction in Every State and Country, and Montana's was a head-scratcher.

The best free attraction in Montana is Downtown Bozeman. What?

Downtown Bozeman
Downtown Bozeman via Facebook

Downtown Bozeman puts on some incredible free events like Music on Main and the Christmas Stroll, but Downtown Bozeman as a free attraction makes zero sense. Other than the sidewalk and walking around, Downtown Bozeman is not free to enjoy.

If we had to choose a free attraction, there are plenty of attractions in Montana to check out for free. We would throw out Nimrod Hot Springs, Flathead Lake, or check out some of the cool old ghost towns.

Photo by Alek Newton via Unsplash
Photo by Alek Newton via Unsplash

Nimrod Hot Springs is on the side of the highway near Missoula, and all you have to do is pull over and go on a little hike to reach your destination. Flathead Lake is the same. Instead of paying to enter a state park, Flathead has plenty of road pullouts with beaches to hang out and enjoy the water.

I am bewildered that Downtown Bozeman is the best free attraction in Montana. What do you think is the best free attraction in Montana? Let us know.

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