Montana has many incredible Mexcian restaurants, but this one is the highest rated.

One of the most loved cuisines in Montana is Mexican food. You could be in a city like Bozeman or a small town like Polson, and you will find a Mexican restaurant to enjoy.

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There are all types of Mexican restaurants in Montana. There's Tex-Mex, traditional, modern Mexcian, and more. Whatever the mood you might be in, there will be a Mexican restaurant for you to enjoy with friends or family.

With so many Mexican restaurants in Montana, which one is the best? We might have the answer you are looking for.

Photo by Natalya via Unsplash
Photo by Natalya via Unsplash

Before we unveil the answer, here are some of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Bozeman.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Bozeman

Craving authentic Mexcian food? Here are a few great restaurants to check out in Bozeman.

Gallery Credit: Jesse James

Yelp and 24/7 Tempo made a list of The Top Mexican Restaurants in Every State According to Yelp. The restaurant they picked for Montana is as authentic as it gets for Mexican food.

The top Mexican restaurant in Montana is Los Mayas in Billings.

Photo by Ella Olsson via Unsplash
Photo by Ella Olsson via Unsplash

With a rating of 4 out of 5 on Yelp, Los Mayas is owned and operated by a family out of Guanajuato, Mexico. The food is not Americanized at all but has familiar fare. Some reviews say they have the best chile relleno in the state and tacos that taste like they are from Los Angeles.

Looking at their menu, you can tell they have options for Mexican cuisine you don't see often in Montana. If you are a fan of Mexican food, this is a restaurant you need to get on your radar for 2024.

For more details, check out Los Mayas.

Bozeman's 7th Avenue Is A Mexican Food Paradise

Take a drive down N. 7th Avenue in Bozeman, and you'll find a variety of options for Mexican food.

Gallery Credit: Jesse James

Top Ranked Montana Mexican Resturant

A fine Mexican restaurant in the heart of Billings, Montana.
Open six days a week.

Los Mayas Mexican Restaurant
1212 Grand Ave
Ste 12
Billings, MT 59102

Gallery Credit: Big Billy

Top 10 Highest Rated & Reviewed Mexican Restaurants in Boise

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