Probably not the best idea to go into the oldest national park and start digging up things cause you think there is buried treasure.

Yellowstone National Park is reporting that the man caught this past few years digging up in Fort Yellowstone Cemetery to find the Forest Fenn treasure has pleaded guilty to his crimes. By pleading guilty he admits that he in fact committed these crimes.

The 52 year old man out of Utah from October 2019 through May 2020 was found digging in the Fort Yellowstone Cemetery to find the infamous Forest Fenn treasure and faces some fairly big penalties. For excavating or trafficking in archaeological resources can carry up to two years in jail and fine up to $20,000. Then he could get hit with damage to United States property and that can carry up to ten years in jail and a $250,000 fine. That's going to hurt.

People have been traveling all over the Rocky Mountains looking for the Forest Fenn treasure and there is a story that the treasure was found but people still believe that the infamous find might still be out there. The thing is, you probably shouldn't go around in a national park, especially Yellowstone and more to that in a cemetery, and try digging up for a treasure because as you can see you will get in deep trouble.

Please respect Yellowstone National Park and cemeteries, it's not a great look for you and you will most likely go to jail, pay a huge fine and will be banned from the park for life.

For more details on this story, check out Yellowstone National Park.

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