Always be aware of your surroundings and make sure you read all the signs before you go into a park because you will probably want to know what to do before you run into wildlife just like this guy.

If you don't know this, Yellowstone National Park is a great hashtag to look at on TikTok because you will see locals roasting tourists or tourists capturing some great views or interactions. The thing is, some folks don't know what to do in certain situations like Jackson Elsey who encountered some wildlife on his hike.

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Jackson Elsey via TikTok

As you can hear, Jackson decided to keep his distance and let the bison go his own way and not get close.

If you don't know, Yellowstone National Park guidelines are stated when you drive into the park states you need to keep AT LEAST 25 yards between you and wildlife like elk, deer, and bison and AT LEAST 100 yards between you and bears and wolves.

Jackson might have missed the sign but at least he isn't treating Yellowstone National Park like a petting zoo which some tourists do and that's extremely dangerous. We have all seen videos and read stories on what happens when you get too close to wildlife.

I just want to say I am proud of Jackson for being at least smart in keeping a giant object between him and the bison just in case anything happens. Plus, he got some great up-close footage of a beautiful animal in the oldest national park in America.

Enjoy Yellowstone National Park and be safe.

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