With the weather heating up, the fire danger is also rising.

In a press release from Yellowstone National Park, the park announced that they are raising the fire danger level from MODERATE to HIGH.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Just a few weeks ago, Yellowstone National Park raised the level from LOW to MODERATE.

With the rising temperatures and lack of moisture, Yellowstone decided to raise the fire danger warning.

What does that mean for campfires in Yellowstone National Park? Nothing really.

There aren't currently any wild fires in the park so that means that there are zero fire restrictions currently in Yellowstone National Park

Campfires though are only permitted within established fire rings in campground and some back country locations as well.

If you are camping in Yellowstone National Park, make sure before you leave your campsite in the campground or back country that the fire is cold to the touch before leaving.

Yellowstone National Park mantra when putting out your campfire is: SOAK, STIR, FEEL, REPEAT.

Makes sense right?

If we want to keep Yellowstone National Park beautiful and healthy, we need to take care of our camp fires during the hot months so we don't have another wild fire on our hands.

Nobody likes wild fires, they bring down the air quality, makes the weather more humid and restricts being outside.

Be safe when camping as well, make sure your food is in a sealed container that is safely stored where wildlife can't get too.

If you ever want to keep updated on the fire danger level in Yellowstone National Park, go here.