This Bozeman business is iconic and one of the best places to spend a weekend night during the winter. 

I was at the infamous Bozeman Bowl, and I was looking around and came to the realization that I hope the bowling alley never changes. The Bozeman Bowl is a place where you can get together with friends and not only enjoy a game that everyone can play but also have a few adult beverages as well. 

Plus, being in the heart of downtown is a huge advantage for the Bozeman Bowl. You can go to the bowling alley, have some fun, and then hit downtown just a few blocks away. I have been in Bozeman for over seven years, and I honestly don't think the bowling alley has made any huge changes. 

Photo by Karla Rivera via Unsplash
Photo by Karla Rivera via Unsplash

The only change that has happened recently is the fantastic addition of Hambone's Grill inside the bowling alley. That only helps bring in more customers to stay longer and enjoy The Bozeman Bowl. With the addition of the grill, families can have full-fledged parties, and now you can have some food to go with your beer or beverage. 

The only downside of The Bozeman Bowl is that because there isn't a lot of places to have indoor fun during the winter, the bowling alley is where many folks go to enjoy themselves. So if you are planning on getting together with friends to go bowling, we highly recommend you either call in to reserve a lane or get there early because you might be waiting a while. 

Also, can we petition the bowling alley to stay open as late as the bars, The Bozeman Bowl has the possibility of turning into a perfect late-night spot if they kept their doors open till 2 AM. 

Just an idea. For more details, check out The Bozeman Bowl. 

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