It's that the time of the year where fire danger increases during the summer months.

Yellowstone National Park announced with the increase of temperatures, the park has increased their Fire Danger Level to MODERATE.

Yellowstone National Park.Wyoming.USA
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What does that mean for folks who plan on camping in Yellowstone National Park? Well, there isn't a big difference between Low and Moderate.

There are no fire restrictions currently in place in the park and campfires are only permitted within fire rings in the campgrounds and some other back country campsites.

To keep the fire danger down, when done with a campfire make sure it's cold to the touch before leaving.

Their motto is soak, stir, feel and repeat. Also, no fireworks are allowed within any federal parks.

The only time we will see more fire restrictions in Yellowstone National Park is when the Fire Danger Level moves to High.

If you are planning on going to Yellowstone Naitonal Park or any campground anytime soon, please make sure that you have a safe campfire and that it's fully out before leaving.

If we want to take care of our beautiful state and keep Montana gorgeous we need to take care of our campfires during the hot season. Nobody likes dealing with forest fires. The smoke, humidity and bad air quality just ruins fun Montana summers.

If you would like to know what the fire restrictions are throughout there state check out this handy website and for more details and news on Yellowstone National Park go here.

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