If there is one place in America to copy and paste this concept, this spot is perfect.

Even though Montana seems like a cheap place to live, that hasn't been the reality recently. Money from all over has raised housing prices, property taxes, and more, affecting locals to the point where they've had to move.

Places like Bozeman, Whitefish, and other high-profile Bozeman spots have felt the effects over the past several years.

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That didn't used to be the case.

Photo by Dallas Reedy vai Unsplash
Photo by Dallas Reedy vai Unsplash

If you were a celebrity, athlete, or someone with deep pockets there was one place they typically resided.

That is the Yellowstone Club.

Credit: Yellowstone Club via Instagram

The Yellowstone Club is a private mountain next to Big Sky and has several celebrities with second homes there including Justin Timberlake, Phil Mickelson, and more.

It's an exclusive club that protects its important clientele. The amount of money you need to live there is astonishing.

Well, The Yellowstone Club might be branching out.

The people behind The Yellowstone Club might be building a sister development and the location makes sense.

Unofficial Network reports the development is planned to be near Steamboat Spring, Colorado, and will be called Stagecoach Mountain Ranch. The area will be over 6,500 acres and feature a private ski mountain and golf course for residents.

Photo by Chris Holder via Unsplash
Photo by Chris Holder via Unsplash

It makes sense Colorado would see something like this. The ski and high society culture of places like Aspen fits what this new development is looking for.

Surprisingly, it's taken this long for The Yellowstone Club to add a new location, but it probably took an absurd amount of money to make this a reality.

If this place is successful, could we see them try to add another Montana location? Only time will tell.

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