We have seen some idiotic things from tourists in Yellowstone National Park, but this incident is mind-blowing.

It's another day in Montana dealing with tourists who don't follow the rules or listen to advice. Most of the problems we see in Montana are tourists in Yellowstone National Park deciding to try and pet the wildlife.

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We have seen folks trying to get close to bison, moose, and even bears every week. I guess some tourists think Montana is a giant petting zoo. Over the past few years, some tourists have gotten too confident and walked too close to Old Faithful or on top of the Grand Prismatic Spring.

Lane V. Erickson // Shutterstock
Lane V. Erickson // Shutterstock

People need to know that the act is dangerous and can damage the ecosystem, and if they fall in, they will die. That's why videos like this are infuriating.

Unofficial Networks shared a video that shows multiple tourists dipping their hands in the geothermal spring right off the boardwalk. Check out the video below.

Credit: hikingstylist via Instagram

The Instagram video belongs to Meeka Vigue, who writes about how these people should follow the rules and understand why this act is dangerous.

If you don't know, the geothermal springs in Yellowstone are highly acidic, and if you leave any part of your body in the body of water long enough, it will melt off your skin, muscles, and bones. These springs aren't something to mess with.

NPS / Jacob W. Frank
NPS / Jacob W. Frank

Years ago, a man fell into one of the geothermal springs, and the only thing they could find remaining of him was part of his boot.

It's not that hard to follow the rules in Yellowstone National Park. They are simple and easy. Please respect the national park and follow the guidelines. Follow the trails, give wildlife their space, and stay on the boardwalk. It's easy.

Figure it out, tourists!

For more details, check out Unofficial Networks.

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