I'm so confused. The news, social media, basically everywhere we hear about how people can not afford to live. We have people in tents, campers, shared living spaces, and I get it, it is expensive to live in Bozeman. Here is what I don't understand. And this is truly a question, I am looking for an answer to.

Is it too expensive to work in Bozeman? I mean, if t's so expensive to live then why are people not working? I am not pointing my finger at anyone, I see hard-working people every day, some working doubles, some working the night shift while the other partner is working the day shift. But where are the daytime workers? I guess I think if something costs a lot, but I really want it, I work harder to get it. So why do we have such a shortage of workers? And it is not just here. In other states, where rent and purchasing a home is much more feasible, there are shortages of workers. I don't get it? How can people not work? FOR REAL, I am asking this straightforward question.

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

I am not the only one who is confused about this. I asked three employees of local businesses "why is it so hard to find workers to keep your doors open during the day?". They said, "people just don't want to work for the wages we can pay. Some places offer up to $15 per hour PLUS tips". HOLY! I started as a server making $3.85 an hour plus tips...and I would still end up going home with no less than $100 cash. I thought that was really good! I couldn't imagine getting $15!

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Not many things baffle me in life, I am pretty open-minded, but this...this truly has me puzzled. How are people not working?

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