It's never pleasant to see a local business close it's doors, but some hit closer to home than others. Recently, one in particular on east Main Street is actually making me emotional - something I wouldn't expect from a business like this.

The Buggy Bath Car Wash at 1111 East Main Street is closed. Every year they close for the winter and this year they never opened back up. A rope had been strung across the driveway, the vacuum stations have been removed, and the marquee sign simply says "closed".

I have no relationship with the owners of the property and I don't know what the future plans are for the property. That's not what this article is about. This article is simply a love letter to a local business that I'll miss very much. Yes, I'll miss a coin-op car wash. A lot.

I used this car wash often. It wasn't fancy, but it was rarely too busy and was always in good shape. We'd use it before hitting the highway on a road trip. I'd stop by for a quickie if I got nailed by a bird. Most often, I would bring the MOOSE Jeep there every Thursday afternoon before Music on Main, the first errand in a weekly ritual. Weird? Perhaps. But that car wash kicked off my duties of every fun Thursday night for many, many years.

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There are many other fine car washes in town so it's not like I'm left high and dry. But THAT car wash was my favorite. After I had finished washing a vehicle, I'll pull around to the side of the building, out of the way of anyone else leaving. I'd park, and let the car drip-dry for a few and make sure the windows got a little Windex love. It really was a casual ritual that I enjoyed.

Given that the car wash property used to be surrounded by open fields which are no longer, I'm ASSUMING that there are plans. I don't know what those plans are and I didn't research them because I don't want to know yet, honestly. We can all venture a guess. The views out the back of that car was are pretty stellar. And valuable.

Should you know the owner, please let them know that I'll miss their car wash very much and thank them for all their years of being in business. No matter what they do with their property, I wish them the best of luck. Cheers, and thanks for all the suds.

Hossein Soltanloo on Unsplash
Hossein Soltanloo on Unsplash

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