Hopefully this trend continues.

The COVID-19 pandemic made millions of people lose their jobs and without a steady a paycheck and unemployment ended up being slammed with folks who desperately needed some form of income.

Luckily, Montana is in Phase 2 and things have been recovering, slowly but recovering none the less.

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Wallet Hub came out with a ranking of States Whose Unemployment Claims are Recovering the Quickest and Montana was ranked in the Top 10.

Montana landed on the list at #7 and we could go even higher in the next few months.

Montana even though we have been in Phase 2 for almost two months, less restrictions and guidelines have been getting installed in restaurants, bars and businesses lately and have slowly started to get back to normal.

More jobs have been opening up around the 406 lately and that has unemployment down throughout the state.

That's great because that means businesses are getting back to normal and need the work force to accommodate the customers.

Just remember though, to stay safe at work and wear a mask if possible and wash your hands frequently.

Even though more cases of COVID-19 cases have been sprouting up throughout the state of Montana, we luckily don't have the huge spikes like in our surrounding states.

This is most likely to Montanans wearing masks in public and following the social distancing guidelines laid out by the state.

Hopefully we will see another flattening of COVID-19 cases in Montana so we move into Phase 3 by the fall but we all must stay vigilant and follow the guidelines laid out by the state.

If we follow the plans, unemployment will go back to it's low levels here in Montana.

For more details, check out the whole rankings on Wallet Hub.

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