Many things can be frustrating during the wintertime in Montana, but this has to be one of the most annoying.

We know winters can be troublesome for some folks who might not be ready for all the snow, ice, or cold weather Montana receives yearly. We all have ways to deal with the harsh conditions, but one thing everyone needs to have ready to go is their car.

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Your vehicle should be ready to handle the winter icy roads, whether traveling around town or across the state. Luckily, we have a handy guide with winter driving tips to make your life easier during the season.

Photo by Thom Holmes via Unpslash
Photo by Thom Holmes via Unsplash

We know driving around Montana is necessary during the winter, but there is one thing that many drivers have begun to do during the winter, and it's incredibly annoying.

During the winter, drivers who are uncomfortable driving in the snow or might be in a rush have a habit of parking like idiots in downtown areas in Montana. This is especially true when it comes to parallel parking.

In places like Bozeman and Missoula, where parallel parking is a must, you will see folks almost parked on the road.

Photo Alexander Fastovets via Unsplash
Photo Alexander Fastovets via Unsplash

We understand snow piles up from the snowplows and businesses shoveling snow to the sidewalk edge, but folks need to park close to the curb. Drivers shouldn't have to try and swerve vehicles parked partially on the road.

That was a great way to lose a side mirror.

Montana law states your vehicle has to be within 18 inches of the sidewalk curb.

If your concern is stepping into the snow, guess what? You are in Montana. Snow will be here for a while, and you need to either wear winter boots or learn to wear warm pants.

Please, park better. That's all we ask.

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