Have you ever thought about how to make your big breakthrough? Standing in the spotlight, all eyes on you, it is your time to shine! Your time to say "Hey Bozeman! Look at me!" Check out this TOP RANKED College Bar!

Music is a hard industry to break into. It all starts with you and a microphone. One of Buzzfeed's "29 Best College Bars In America"Haufbrau House, "The Hauf", may just be the place where you start! The sky is the limit! Haufbrau House has live music 7 days a week, with three of those days for open mic night! You can come in and listen to some of Bozeman's best local talent. Have a burger, a drink, and listen to music. This sounds like the perfect way to end any day!

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

Open Mic Night. Do you want to dip your toes into the music scene? Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday are your days to shine. You can call the bar and set up your time slot to perform in front of your friends, some new friends, and you never know, there could be a recording label scout having a burger there as well. THIS could be YOUR shot!

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Located off of W Main St. and S. 8th Ave, Haufbrau House is easy to find. Next to Mavens Market and Gallatin Valley Organics, you can pick up some groceries quickly and then enjoy some great live and local music.

A couple of ways to sign up for open mic night is to email Don at: bardonfrye@gmail.com or call him at 406-580-4973.

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