Pictures That Will Make You Laugh. But Do They?
When people say "This is so funny" or "This will totally make you laugh," I'm hesitant. Comedy shows are stressful to me because I know I'm supposed to laugh. So when Buzzfeed posts pictures and says "Will Make You Laugh Every Time" I q…
MIND BLOWN! What's Inside Slap Bracelets?
Did you ever wear this and almost beat your wrist to death trying to slap/wrap it around? I would have marks. Wow, Tawsha, calm down with the slap bracelet force. Buzzfeed has revealed what is inside these fashion wonders.
What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?
Buzzfeed caught my eye (again) talking about things people would say to their younger selves. Oh, the things we'd say. The problem: We wouldn't listen. Can you imagine how our lives would change? See what others have said and post your own. Give your young self some advice.