Channing Tatum is someone's dad. How awkward is it going to be for his daughter's friends? "Hey, Everly, your dad is super-hot!" Ummm? He's not the only hot celeb dad. There's a whole list of them!

Buzzfeed created a list of celebrities who have been put into the DILF category. There are some I wouldn't have considered but can't disagree with their addition to the hot dad list. Who is missing?

  1. Chris Hemsworth - three kids
  2. David Beckham - four kids
  3. Hugh Jackman - two kids
  4. Tyson Beckford - one kid
  5. Matt Bomer - three kids
  6. Ricky Martin - two kids
  7. Will Smith - three kids
  8. Mario Lopez - two kids
  9. Usher - two kids
  10. Stephen Amell - one kid
  11. Tom Hardy - one kid
  12. James Marsden - three kids
  13. Channing Tatum - one kid
  14. Mark Ruffalo - three kids
  15. Javier Bardem - two kids
  16. Brad Pitt - six kids
  17. Mark Consuelos - three kids
  18. Daniel Dae Kim - two kids
  19. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - one kid
  20. Josh Duhamel - one kid
  21. Ben Affleck - three kids



Did Buzzfeed cover all the hot dads? No? Add yours in the comments.