Ariana Grande was caught on video saying she hates America but is that what she really means? From licking donuts to bashing the country, she seems a little out of sorts. 

I'm not defending her so let me say that before I continue on. Ariana Grande is a celebrity and she has been for some time. Living her life, she's sheltered from just about everything, people make decisions for her and they cover up any missteps. In this case, she got caught. But what is she really saying?


According to

We're told Ariana's telling people close to her she's embarrassed about the comments she made while in the donut shop ... saying she hates America and Americans.

We're told she was indeed merely reacting to the massive donuts that had just been placed in front of her -- but she realizes her reaction was inappropriate. Our sources say she realizes obesity is a serious issue, and she shouldn't have made fun of it.

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